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Full Life-cycle Blockchain and DAPP Incubation Services

Why Blocker.AI is Different
Blocker.AI lab is dedicated to rapidly creating a distributed commercial application with excellent user experience through technologies such as the COOS EcoSystem, the worldʼs leading blockchain technology, IoT, and AI etc.

Blocker.AI has powerful technology integration capabilities, not only providing technical solutions, but also providing the ultimate user experience and low operation costs

What can Blocker.AI Do?

Blocker.AI Lab Provides Full Life-cycle Incubation Services in Various Kinds of Industries.

Why Choose Blocker.AI?
Eco Fund
Blocker.AI worked with COOS, KeCan Group, Shanghai Yujia Capital and established an industry fund with a scale of 20M USD to actively invest in the incubated projects from Blocker.AI. View Fund Details

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