COOS Eco Fund

Primarily Focus on Blockchain Projects

Investment Idea

COOS Eco Fund is committed to discovering high-tech projects and teams with high potential for development, and to accompany the entire process of the project or team from excellence to great.

Investment Areas

COOS Eco Fund focuses on blockchain-based projects, including but not limited to Internet of Things, Medicine, IoV, Smart Buildings, Smart Home and Digital Media, especially those based on the COOS Eco.

Investment Philosophy

We don't care about your past, even now, but only focus on thinking about what you will become in the future. Based on this point, we replaces the traditional lengthy and inefficient evaluation methods with a set of scientific,innovative and efficient methods.

Management Team

COOS Eco Fund is managed by Shanghai Yujia Capital and COOS.

About COOS Eco Fund

The COOS Eco Fund is jointly established by COOS, Shanghai Yujia Capital and Kechuang Group. The COOS Eco Fund mainly invests in early blockchain projects, especially those based on the COOS ecology, and promotes the ability of COOS technology to integrate upstream and downstream industry chains. The scale of the COOS Investment Fund is 20M USD, which mainly invests in early high-tech projects, and gives priority to high-tech companies or projects based on the COOS eco-platform for industrial integration, and enhances the innovation and industrialization capabilities of the COOS ecoplatform.

The COOS Eco is a decentralized IoT data asset platform which integrates cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, blockchain, and AI. It seamlessly integrates financial technology and aims to create a brand new High-tech industry infrastructure empowering the industry with rapid development and implementation capabilities. The establishment of the fund will further strengthen the COOS Eco for industrial integration and market expansion capabilities, reduce the cost for small to medium enterprises etc.

Shanghai Yujia Investment Management Co., Ltd. was established in 2011 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. Yujia Investment is a professional financial institution focused on private equity funds (FOFs) that is operated by investment bankers, senior entrepreneurs, certified public accountants and lawyers.

Guangdong Shunde KeCan Group was established in 2011 with a registered capital of RMB 123,500,000. KeCan Group is a state-owned platform supported by the government of Shunde District to vigorously promote the development of science and technology financial industry and build support for investment, industry development, innovation and entrepreneurship. It consists of Guangdong Shunde Investment & Financing Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Shunde High-tech Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd. , Guangdong Shungao Venture Capital Co., Ltd., Guangdong Kerongchuang Incubator Service Co., Ltd., Foshan Shunde District Dexin Venture Capital Co., Ltd., Guangdong Dexin Bank Co., Ltd., Guangdong Shunde Venture Industrial Park Information Technology Co., Ltd. and other wholly-owned state-owned assets , holding, and shareholding companies. The Group is affiliated to the Stateowned Assets Office of Shunde District and works under the guidance of the District Economic and Technology Promotion Bureau. It is responsible for promoting the "Science and Technology Innovation and Industrial Transformation" in Shunde District.